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The Genius Square  
A worthy winner of the HPC Game Of The Year 2018/19 award, this outstanding puzzle game is every bit as clever as its name suggests. Each player receives their own 6x6 grid and a set of the nine different shapes, plus seven blocker* pieces. Roll the seven dice together and place a blocker in each of the co-ordinates [more]
Conversation Starters  
The card game that gets people talking! A great conversation starter game for parties, gatherings, and family events. A Get-To-Know-You card game! Draw a card. Ask a question. Pure FUN. An exciting and fun way for family, friends and neighbors to connect! 150 cards wine barrel shaped container 2 players Good clean [more]
Cover Your Assets - NEW for 2019  
The goal of Cover Your Assets® is to be the first player to achieve a total of at least ONE MILLION DOLLARS in assets! During gameplay, players stack matching pairs of assets to create their own asset stockpiles. Excitement builds when players attempt to capture the top set of assets of other players. Players initiate [more]
Cubika Wooden Toys - NEW for 2019  
In this NEW toy range they are manufactured in The Ukraine using only the highest quality samples of sycamore and beech, which grow in the ecologically clean area of the Carpathians, and use water-based paint, absolutely safe for children and has no smell. Conforms to all EU standards. [more]
Horror Trivia  
A trivia game of twisted terror! Due in stock November 2018 For Halloween or ANY TIME you want to challenge your friends and yourself on fun frightening facts and figures! Answer questions to arm yourself against the ultimate evil. Call a priest, gas up the chainsaw, and sharpen the machete…will you survive the night? [more]
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