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Suited - This brilliantly clever card game features all four suits clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades, but each one appears in four different colours and multiple times on each card. It*s all about judging the probability that the next player will be able to fulfill a challenge you lay down for them, based on the suits and colours that appear on their cards. On your turn, you play TWO cards. The first has to meet the criteria of a challenge set for you by the previous player. The second sets the challenge for the next player. You*ll want to force them to use their most powerful cards early in the game, but make sure you hang on to your own powerful cards and use them at the right time. Hold onto game-changing cards for too long and you could inadvertently blow everything! This outstanding game will confound your expectations and keep you on your toes! Box size approx. 15cm x 15cm
Number Jumble - 32 tiles, each of which displays three numbers. Be the first player to arrange your 16 randomly chosen tiles into a 4 x 4 square, so that whenever two tiles are adjacent they share at least one number in common. When one player declares that they have completed their puzzle, it*s time to shuffle the tiles and play again!
Pandemonium - This fabulous game is about thinking at speed without dissolving into panic. It*s about distinguishing between colours, shapes and orientations simultaneously in an effort to beat your opponent. There are 60 graded challenges, each chosen randomly. Everyone sees the same image at the same time, and must recreate the image first to win the round. Both players (or teams) have six tiles, each with four shape holes and 24 shapes with which to fill the holes. Unfortunately, Each tile can go either way up and rotate, there are numerous pieces that could fill each hole, but won*t. And it*s that easy - it*s just shape sorting gone extreme!
Thinktangles - Think at speed and race against your opponent(s) to locate things in a constantly changing playing area. The twist is that the item you are trying to find might not even be there! Each of the 32 shaped cards in play contains ten images, words or letters. Every card also has a border of one, two or three colours. The 200 challenge cards give you a clue to something that needs to be located. However, there is a catch! Rolling the special dice will determine which of the shaped cards and which border colours you can use to complete the challenge. So your brain needs to concentrate on three things simultaneously! What starts as a simple looking challenge will soon leave you tied up in thinking knots and a mistake could cost you the game!

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