About Us

Established in 2000, Even Toys And Games is a major importer and wholesaler to the specialty retail market in Australia. Supplying independent retailers with fun, quality products.

We have partnered with innovative companies to distribute their ranges of Board Games, Card Games, Puzzles and Toys in Australia. Even Toys and Games are the Australian distributor for such great games as the multi award winning The Genius Square. The Genius Square has won The Australian Toy Associations Educational product of the Year for 2020 and also over all best Product of the Year for 2020. In 2005 we were awarded Best Product for Spy Alley by the Australian Games Association. We are the Australian distributors for such innovative companies like The Happy Puzzle Co, Devir Americas, Kanga Games and Cayro.

Our ranges include many popular family games such as Spy Alley. Popular card games such as Cover Your Assets, Snorta and Hoard plus many more are exclusive to our range. Following on from the Genius Square we have now released The Genius Star, The Genius Gems and Bee Genius, all of which have been exceptional selling puzzle games.

Our range includes many Educational board games and card games for all ages. We specialise in family fun for everyone. Also available is a range of traditional games like Chess, Backgammon Mah Jong and Rummy.

We have an ever increasing range of strategy games like Bitoku, The Red Cathedral and Paris la citi de la lumiere. Some recommended Dice Games we distribute are Pass The Pandas and Dracary’s Dice.

Each year we release new games to the Australian market. This year we have released some extremely popular new games with more to come as the year progresses. 2022 popular releases are The Genius Gems, Tillions, MazEscape and Got It. Later this year we will be releasing a much sought after card game – Walkie Talkie.

Even Toys And Games distributes to stores all around Australia, however we do have wholesalers in Victoria and Western Australia that distribute part of our range.

Who can purchase our items from this web site?

This is a wholesale site for retailers only. If you are not a retailer and would like to know more about our products please contact us and we will direct you to your nearest retailer.

If you are a retailer, please feel free to register online and we will email catalogues and price lists to you. We will need your name, your company name, ABN, delivery address, postal address, email address, phone number and fax number.

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