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Come and enjoy the festivals of Ricky Town! There*s a big prize to be won,
but to get it you have to rely on the various guilds of the city. To get ahead
of your rivals you need to make blind deals to get the best cards. Blind
Business is a fast game, full of fun, in which being good at bluffing is key
to winning. Be the best player in Ricky Town making blind deals!
1. A bluffing and manipulation game in
which players see their opponents*
cards instead of their own.
2. A very original game mechanic in
which the combination of effects of
different cards makes every game
different from the previous one.
3. Attractive illustrations inspired by
animation from 1930*s cartoons
(Popeye, Disney, Looney Tunes...)

Posted 2023-04-20 06:26

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