Cross Dice

Roll the dice and make as many linked words as possible within the time of the hourglass. Write down your points and beat you opponents. This is a fast paced game that exercises your mind

Dracarys Dice

You*re playing with fire when you roll the Dracarys Dice! Be the first player to get rid of all of your dice to win the game!

Farkle Deluxe

Classic game of push your luck. Roll your dice and try to score with a three of a kind, a full house, a straight and more!

Lets Play 25 Dice Games

Play 25 of the world*s most popular dice games with this all-in-one game pack! Includes two sets of five dice and a booklet of simple instructions for each game. Great Fun!

Ligretto Dice Game

Anyone who likes the Ligretto card game will love Ligretto Dice. Things can get a little hectic because everyone wants to finish first. Fun and a good mood are guaranteed when speed rules this game.

Pass The Pandas

Be the first to get rid of all of your dice in Pass the Pandas™ by rolling pandas, bamboo or water .

The Lord Of The Rings Journey to Mordor Dice Gam

Sauron threatens to push Middle-earth into eternal darkness in his desire for the One Ring. All hope lies on Frodo Baggins and his friends from the Shire. Your task: Bring the One Ring to Mordor, then destroy it in Mount Doom.