Bed Bugs

There*s a plague of bed bugs in the house and we have to trap them with our different body parts, even if we end up in almost impossible positions.

Dino Path

In this game you*ll have to be the fastest to reach the cave to be the winner. To do this , you have to be lucky rolling the dice and have good memory to remember where each dinosaur is hiding so you can get away from them quickly.

Fidget About It

Click, Clack and Fidget to WIN! Love to fidget? Love to play games? You*ll love to FIDGETABOUTIT! Click the orbs in your fidget ball to quickly solve the puzzles revealed on the cards.

Kids Wooden Dominoes

Dominoes made of large wooden pieces which you can use for playing on both sides. On one side, you have to match the beautiful illustrations and on the other , you can play classic dominoes with dots.

My First Adventure Finding The Dragon

Introduce children to role-playing games THEY create, with the new My First Adventure series of story games for young children! My First Adventure is a thrilling new adventure game that is sure to delight.

My First Chess

With this game you will be able to introduce the youngest to the passionate game of chess, includes plastic playing pieces, a large board 40cm x 40cm and a guide to the movements of each piece. ages 6 players 2

My First Game Of Ships

Where are the ships of the most feared pirates hidden? You have the entire ocean and it*s islands to hide your ships. But you also need to keep your eyes peeled to find your opponents ships. ages 4-8 players 2

Snakes and Ladders Wooden


Volcanic Panic

The memory matching game that will have you erupting with laughter. The island volcano is acting up. Be the first tribe to satisfy the volcano by throwing two matching items into the volcano.