Arr! ( Battleship) Travel version in tin

Bingo In Tin

With 10 bingo cards, 75 number chips, 240 chips and a banker*s number plate, this American classic is a real hit.


Chita (Hangman) travel size in tine with wood pieces and felt marker

Games On The Go

50 games that can be played anywhere, no board or pieces required. Families come together, fight off boredom, and stretch their imaginations.

Rummi Travel

A simple but thrilling game, where players must attempt to combine their tokens in groups of three or more and reach 100 points as quickly as possible. Version to 4 players.

Rummy In Tin

Not only the name reminds of the famous card game. But MYRUMMY offers more combination possibilities, more excitement and more fun. And in a handy format.

Tripple Domino In Tin

These domino parts are triangular! So not just one but two numbers have to fit. This makes the game even more varied and exciting than the well-known Domino. The classic now as a handy and affordable travel version in a sturdy metal box.