The desert cacti protect beautiful flowers...but watch out for the stickers!


DUE FOR RELEASE 2020 Got quick reflexes and a good memory? Test your skills in this fast action card game of musical mayhem.



Papaya Monkeys

The Jungle is growing non stop and the monkeys try to hog and gobble as many papayas as possible. But watch out! There are many wild animals lurking. Will your monkeys be the ones that manage to collect the most papayas by the end of the game?

Paris - La Cite de la Lumiere

Paris is a two-player board game set in late 19th century Paris during the 1889 *Exposition Universelle,* or world*s fair, when public electricity was a hot topic.

Pass The Pandas

Be the first to get rid of all of your dice in Pass the Pandas™ by rolling pandas, bamboo or water .

Penguin Panic

PENGUIN PANIC™ Sets up in Seconds, is Easy to Learn and fun for Everyone! Start the game by flipping a PENGUIN PANIC card, then race your friends to say a qualifying word.

Philos Chess Folding Wood 11 inch

Folding Philos wooden chess set. Chessmen: design Staunton, alder,

Philos Chess Folding Wood Book Style

Folding Philos wooden chess set. Chessmen: design Staunton, alder, natural and nut stained, felt base, king 6 cm. Folding board: walnut and alder, inlays, magnetic lock, size 30 x 15 x 6 cm, field size 3 cm.


Piles is a fast-paced set collecting game designed for kids and families. If you enjoy classic games like Speed and Spoons then you*ll love this easy to learn free-for-all.

Pirate Dominoes

This game allows boys and girls who do not know how to count to play dominoes as all they have to do is match the drawings. They can also form a landscape with characters on the back of the piece and invent stories

Play Nine

The strategy card game of golf. Cards are given point values 0-12 and -5. Each 8 card hand is a hole, each turn is a shot. Match up values to shave off points.

Playmind Colours

Guess the color of hidden pegs. A deduction game where each player takes turn making a limited number of guesses, using logic to deduce what pegs the opponent has hidden.

Pole Pole

Throw the stick and show how good your aim is. If you*re the first to get 50 points without going too far, you*ll be the winner. The game is made from high-quality wood and is 30cm x 17 cm x 11cm


What a clutter! The Goblins have started playing in the shelf unit of the magic ingredients and now ther*s no way to find what is needed to make the potions.

Quick Play Games Toy Fair Deal

Quick Play Games 10% discount for 16 assorted 15% discount for 32 assorted 20% discount for 80 assorted


The goal is to arrange all the cards in your hand into one or more words. The number of cards dealt increases each round starting with three cards and ending with 10 cards.


*Quick* loves cheese, *Switch* is crazy about donuts and in your hands are many of these delicious snacks! Roll the dice then race to play the right cards before these rascally rodents get their hands on their favorite foods.


Start by taking a set of nine Qwuzzle cubes and a grid. Now draw six of the basic* cards. Each card displays an image which needs to feature in the 3x3 grid that you will build with your cubes.

Rainbow Reef Bookcase Jigsaw 500 pce

Bookcase jigsaw Designed in the UK artist Emma Jayne

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